Privacy Policy

Privacy policy in respect of registered users, clients and associates bring us with committed statements that any of the data and facts from the client side should save within the server and not to make use for any marketing and promotional aspects. Besides these, being as an online medical informative system; we bring you with exact and accurate form of medical data with list of medical colleges and universities. In case of any fallacious data will not put us under any of the liability and where we always welcome outside reviews, user's ideas and latest data from outside in order to provide correct and precise information the online visitors.

If the service intends to use the data in a different form to that of original data then it is require informing its owner, and this is required to obtain prior to use of involved explicit consent. In that context, the question is entitled to prohibit the intended use. Service in collecting, recording and management of data in all cases comply with the restrictions set by law where the activities of the parties involved to request and notify by e-mail. The Service agrees that no sanctions enforced against a user who refuses to optional data service.

Service is committed to provide security of data and to take all technical and organizational measures and establish the rules of procedure to ensure that the recorded data stored or handled are protected, and prevent their destruction, or unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration. Commit itself to any third party to whom the data may be transmitted or transfer, also calls the same obligations. We always concern the security of data on the high priority in order to maintain the standard of online listing medical colleges, universities and other medical education information in India.

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