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Pharmacy Colleges India

For the efficient utilization of pharmaceutical drugs and guarantee safety to every individual from the diseases, pharmacy education has become most important part of medical learning program. By take up profession of Pharmacy, one can links the physical condition of one body with the chemical sciences. The pharmacy colleges offers diploma to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in pharmacy.

After completing successfully undergraduate academic program of four years from accredited pharmacy institutes of india, one become pharmacists. After passing undergraduate course, one can also take admission in postgraduate course for further studies and obtained a degree master of pharmacy (MPharm). Most of countries, MPharm is awarded to student after successfully completion of pharmacy academics that is conducted for four to six years.

The pharmacy colleges in india offered various colleges diploma to PhD program in pharmacy. For awarding degree of B Pharm, one has to complete successfully four years academic course and for holding a degree of M Pharm, one has to complete study of two years. Altogether, one has to take six years academic study for attaining degree of M Pharm from pharmacy institutes of india.

After awarding with pharmacy degree, one becomes Pharmacists, an expert that can inform on drug therapy. By performing practice of pharmacy learning program, one can practice compounding and dispensing drugs and also offer his or her service for health care program like medical services, analysising medicines for safety and efficiency. He or she is recognized as a health expert and with his or her knowledge of effective use of medicines; he or she can give a positive result.

List of Pharmacy Colleges in India

Pharmacy industry in India has seen tremendous growth and recognized in high standard in international level with earning huge foreign investments. For keeping the growth rate high of pharmacy in India, government has open various education centre for awarding degree and diploma program to pharmacy students. With the list of pharmacy colleges, student can take help and acquire information of college.

The government of India in 1948 formed a legal body called the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), to monitor pharmacy education learning program in India. It has prepared a list of pharmacy colleges in india. PCI works for upgrading the pharmacy set of courses to produce skilled pharmacist.

  • Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore
  • Amity School of Pharmacy, Amity University, Noida
  • Amrita School of Pharmacy, Kochi
  • B.N.P.G.College of Pharmacy, Udaipur
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune
  • Birla Instittue of Technology, Mesra
  • Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai
  • College of Pharmacy, IPS Academy, Indore
Pharmacy Colleges in India