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The service of nursing in India was introduced by Florence Nightingale, lady with the lamp. For her dedication to provide welfare to Indian Army during early 1860s and 1870s, Nightingale interest on the nursing service for common masses of the country has influenced that time top level officials. On nightingale's recommendation, first nursing school, St Stephens Hospital at Delhi was established in 1867 for giving training to Indian girls.

The nursing colleges award training to students for turning out to be a qualified nurse. The nursing qualification and academic structure varies in every country.

The military nursing was the most primitive type of treatment and with span of time in 1854, the government sanctioned a educational institute for midwives in Madras. It was in 1871, Government General Hospital, Madras began a 6 months diploma program to give nursing training to midwives. Government General Hospital was first hospital in India, who started nursing program. The nursing colleges in india offered Diploma in Nursing, Associate of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD).

Nursing education provides training like management and supervision of patients. A nurse is responsible for safety of sick person. The nursing institutes of india impart education and learning on first aid, caring of sick people, health educations, industrial hazards and various other care for ill people.

List of Nursing Colleges in India

For taking account of nursing education in India, Indian Nursing Council (INC) was established by government of India under Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947. INC is an autonomous body that took note of india nursing colleges and their education and uniform standard of nurse training and Midwives.

INC is responsible for accreditation of nursing education in the country and updates the list of nursing colleges in india. It grants approval to the college for providing nursing learning program. After awarding degree and diploma from a official approved nursing school, one become nurse and can give medical service to patients admitted in various hospitals. One can obtain bachelor or masters in nursery education or can take admission in other various learning program. With rise of various hospitals, nurses are on high demand during this day. One can see the list of nursing colleges here.

  • Apollo College Of Nursing, Chhattishgarh
  • Dibrugarh Medical College Hospital, Assam
  • Ambedkar Institute of Higher Education, Patna
  • Anm Fhw training school of Nurisng, Gujarat
  • Aryabhatt College Of Nursing, Haryana
Nursing Colleges in India